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Acero - Roberto Clemente

Extended Learning

If we cannot meet due to public health concerns, please continue your learning at home. Not only is this crucial for your education and future, but it is also important because NWEA and end-of-year activities are rapidly approaching. Please work on the following: 
  • Edmentum (Exact Path)--Reading (accessed through Clever with Google Account).   For every week we are not in class, you will need to earn 2 reading trophies. For example, if school is canceled for 2 weeks, you will need to earn 4 reading trophies in total.  If it is cancelled for 3 weeks, you will need to earn 6 reading trophies in total.  For every extra trophy you earn, I will add A LOT of extra points to reward you for your hard work!
  • assignments (accessed through Clever with Google Account...the assignments are located under the following class titles: "7A", "AI 7B", "AI 8A", and "AI 8B").  They are located under Ms. Boegarts name with the title "Extended Learning Reading Class for Mr. Shannon".  - You should complete one lesson/quiz per day and earn a 70% or higher on it.  If you do not earn a 70% or higher, please go back and review the lessons, and take the quiz again until you earn a 70%.    
  • If you need help with student's usernames or passwords, please email me at: .
  • If you need help logging onto Epic, go to, log in with the class code aje9471, select your name, and you're in!
  • If you need help logging into Edmentum (Exact Path) and Study Island, click on the link below for instructions: