Extended Learning

Hello all,
In the event our school was to close we are providing many ways to continue learning at home.  Each child will be receiving a paper packet to work on ONLY if school is closed.  The packet includes review material for reading and math.
I have also added assignments to everyone's Exact Path (Clever) and we are sending everyone's login SRQ home today in a baggie. These assignments correlate to work we are doing in class right now!  Students should know how to use their SRQ and login to their path.  Below is a memo explaining the login to Clever. 
Additionally, you will find links to many educational websites that can enhance at home learning.
https://www.mobymax.com/       Here you can sign up for a free month as a homeschool
Want to use this time to teach your child to tie their shoes?   Here is a great video-
Please feel free to reach out to me using class Dojo or my cell phone. 
Ms. Newman