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Extended Learning: online science assignments

If we cannot meet due to public health concerns, please continue your learning at home. Not only is this crucial for your education, but it is also important because NWEA and end-of-year activities are rapidly approaching. Please work on the following:
1. DAILY: Watch CNN10 daily and complete the attached reflection worksheet (again, you do not need to print it, you can just write your responses in a science journal). Make sure that the episode you are watching is the correct date - if you cannot find the daily episode, make sure you have checked both the CNN and YouTube pages. 
2. DAILY: Check google classroom for updated assignments related to our physical science topics of study. 
  • 7th grade google classroom code: 98aceg (for if you are not signed up yet)
  • 8th grade google classroom code: 1t7nvxy (for if you are not signed up yet)
3. ONE EVERY TWO DAYS: Find a current events article on one of the following websites and complete the attached current events worksheet. You do not need to print out the worksheet, just answer your questions in a science journal. Your news article must have a connection to something that we have learned in class. Approved news websites: 
Please email Ms. Hoff with any questions or concerns at