Extended Learning Opportunities

In the event our school was to close we are providing many ways to continue learning at home.  
Reading & Math --
Online Learning with Study Island and Exact Path 
Students can use their QR codes to login to Clever on a device at home. The website to login to Clever is https://clever.com/in/ucsnschools. Students should already have their QR codes at home but I gave everyone another on 3/13. Their Clever logins will give them access to Exact Path and Study Island. These are programs that have both Reading and Math activities available for students. Students can go on their Math and Reading learning paths on Exact Path and they can complete assignments that I have assigned on Study Island. 
Online Learning with Prodigy --
Prodigy is another fun app students can play to practice math at home. Students can click on Prodigy from their Clever page and use their username and login to sign in. I sent passwords and usernames home with students on 3/13. 
Reading Packets at Home --
I sent students home with an individualized reading packet that they can work on at home to practice their decoding and comprehension skills.  Extra reading at home throughout the day, or before bedtime is highly encouraged!
Tips for Reading at Home --
Please make sure your student is reading at home as much as possible! After your student has read anything you can help them practice their comprehension by asking them questions about what they read (in English or Spanish)! Some example questions are: 
Who is the story about?
When and where does the story take place?
What is happening in the story? 
What is the problem in the story? 
What is the solution?
What was the main idea?