AI Online Learning Assignments

My Dearest Lions,

Below are each grade levels assignments for this week and next. Please make sure you are completing assignments with a 70% on the quiz, if not, you know to try again. I believe in all of you and know that there is a lot of uncertainty right now. But, Clemente Lions: El Orgullo de Chicago. We will get through this, together! I am available everyday via Dojo, Google Classroom, or email if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to check-in :)

All assignments are due by 3/29 - also, try and complete at least 30 minutes on your Learning Path for both Math and Reading. If you have books at home, read out loud with someone. Ask questions (who, what, when, where, why) - you all have come so far this year and we need to keep pushing ourselves to be the best readers we can be!

  • Kindergarten: 30 minutes Reading Learning Path
  • 1A: “Savvy Stories”
  • 1B: “Friends Outside”
  • 2A: “Field Trip”
  • 2B: Finish “Savvy Stories” and “Class Press”
  • 3A and 3B: Complete AI reading packet, “Geography Galore” will be extra credit!
  • 4A and 4B: “Sounds of the Solar System”
  • 5A and 5B: “What’s the Big Idea”
  • 6A and 6B: “Details that Support the Main Idea”
  • 7A and 7B: “Summarizing Info”
  • 8A and 8B: “Locating what’s Important in more Expository Texts”

ALSO, here are some mindfulness activities for when you start feeling antsy, anxious, nervous, or just need to recenter and refocus yourself :)

I miss you all already!

Ms. B