Week of February 10th

  • Sunday: Ch 7-8 due Monday with Observations, Inferences, and Questions. Study for Vocabulary retakes. Signed Report Cards due.
  • Monday: Reading Packet pg 23 due Tuesday
  • Tuesday: Ch 9-10 due Wednesday with Observations, Inferences, and Questions
  • Wednesday: Reading Packet pg 28 and 30 due Thursday.
  • Thursday: Ch. 11-13, Identify and provide evidence of one new and one continuing factor threatening Jamestown. Study for Friday's Vocab Quiz
  • Friday: Ch 14-16, Identify and provide evidence of two new factors threatening Jamestown. 
Hi everyone! A quick update on homework, grades, and expectations as we enter the second week of quarter two:
We have homework every day this week. Reading should be completed at home, and students are expected to complete notes to show that they have done the reading. Students who need time to complete homework should talk to me about staying after school or coming early. This homework is not graded but is essential for success.
In addition, students who do not complete classwork in class are expected to have it ready for the next day. This work is graded.
You can check your child's progress by looking in their Reading Packet and Writing Journal.
Grades: Report cards went home on Friday, and all students received one. We need them back signed on Monday. If you need a duplicate, please let me know. Most students are doing a great job in the second quarter so far. Please check on PowerSchool to see where they are succeeding and where they can improve.