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Diane Derry » Ms. Derry

Ms. Derry

My name is Diane Derry and this is my second year working at Roberto Clemente.  I graduated from Illinois State Univerity, and I have been teaching for seven years.  I am from Rockford, Illinois, where I taught 3rd grade before moving to Chicago.  I enjoy reading, exploring Chicago, and going to White Sox games!
For the next few weeks, we will be focusing on classroom procedures, reviewing foundational skills, and assessing students' individual abilities.  Please check your child's folder every night for important papers.  Their folders need to come back every day.  Throughout the year, our class will work collaboratively to create a supportive and engaging learning environment where every student is valued and cared about.  We will learn, grow, and succeed as a community dedicated to reaching our fullest potentials.  I cannot wait to learn about and from all of you!
I love to communicate with parents and families on a regular basis, and I strongly encourage you to reach out with any concerns or questions!  I look forward to working together to help your child succeed!
This week, we are working on the following:
-reading short vowel words
-reading sight words 
-identifying character traits
-answering comprehension questions about a story 
-identifying story elements (characters, setting, beginning, middle, end)
-solving addition problems
-drawing pictures to solve addition word problems
-finding the missing number in an addition sentence (ex: 2+ ____ =7)
-printing uppercase and lowercase letters neatly
-brainstorming details about an event 
-writing sentences with capital letters and periods
-identifying living and nonliving things
-describing parts of a plant
-explaining the plant life cycle
1. dog
2. top
3. not
4. box
5. jog
6. on
7. stop
8. rot
9. frog
10. trot